Winter is here!

Winter is here again, and it's supposed to be a cold one this year! Be sure to bring your car in for our winterization special. We'll check over your cooling system components, belts, tires, and exchange your coolant with manufacturer OE anti-freeze.

If you bring your car in, be sure to reference our website to redeem the offer.

  • Starting at $99.99
  • -Includes inspection of cooling system components.
    -Includes removal of the engine's anti-freeze and replacement with new manufacturer OE anti-freeze. (Extra fees apply for anti-freeze).

  • Does not include extended leak diagnosis

  • Can not be applied to other discounts or promotional deals
  • Winter Tire Special
    We're doing a winter tire mounting special. Mounting and balancing of 4 winter tires for only $80.00!

    This deal won't last, email us, come by, or give us a call today.

    Call 410-730-0990, or

    Email Us to learn more!

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    Not your Prius…

    The orange and white car (leading the pack) pictured below is one of the coolest hybrids ever made. Yes, it is infact a hybrid Porsche 911 GT3 RSR. The interesting thing about this particular race car is that it has a “brushless” DC current electric motor on each front wheel. These add about 150 horsepower (to a car that already makes around 450 horsepower in stock form) to the car with a power demand button mounted in the drivers cockpit!

    I would go get groceries in this hybrid any day of the week. Happy Friday!

    Coolest “green” race car ever!