A/C Special!!

Is your car blowing hot air in the cabin? Is the A/C cooling performance not what it used to be? You could be in need of an A/C Service Inspection!

If you bring your car in, be sure to reference our website to redeem the offer.

  • Starting at $99.99
  • -Includes evacuate and re-charge A/C system with leak detection dye.
    -Includes up to 1 lb. of R-134a refrigerant.
    -Includes visual inspection of A/C components for potential leaks.
    -Includes inspection of A/C compressor drive belt.

  • Does not include extended leak diagnosis

  • Can not be applied to other discounts or promotional deals
  • Detailing Services.
    Treat yourself or a loved one to a clean vehicle this Holiday season!

    It's never been easier to give the gift of cleanliness, thanks to our gift cards! Anything from a simple Wash and Vacuum to a Full Detail where we go over every square inch of the vehicle to make sure it's just like it was when it was new!

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    Not your Prius…

    The orange and white car (leading the pack) pictured below is one of the coolest hybrids ever made. Yes, it is infact a hybrid Porsche 911 GT3 RSR. The interesting thing about this particular race car is that it has a “brushless” DC current electric motor on each front wheel. These add about 150 horsepower (to a car that already makes around 450 horsepower in stock form) to the car with a power demand button mounted in the drivers cockpit!

    I would go get groceries in this hybrid any day of the week. Happy Friday!

    Coolest “green” race car ever!