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Oil changes

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Trust Your Factory Maintenance to the Professionals

Family-owned and operated Benchmark Motors in Columbia, MD, offers you servicing and maintenance services, which carefully follows a car's factory recommended maintenance plans. Our knowledgeable technicians will work with you with the plans that the manufacturer suggests, focusing on specific time frames for quality upkeep.

Check out our comprehensive services

  • Oil changes

  • Air filters

  • Cabin filters

  • Spark plugs

  • Exchanging of vital fluids

  • Rotation and balancing of tires

  • Alignments

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Benchmark Motors specializes in your beloved BNW and Mercedes, as well as work on all other vehicles from all over the world.

Call us and be ensured with WARRANTIES for 12,000 miles or for 12 months.

Call today to schedule your routine maintenance. Don't risk the lifespan of your car with lack of upkeep. Call 410-730-0990 and you will get a FREE estimate on all services.



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